Erfan Connaissance Foundation

A Pilot Program with New Innovative Approaches

The Erfan Connaissance Foundation was established in May 2008. The Foundation’s headquarters are located in Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the grounds of the Ecole International Enfants du Monde. The aim is to promote education through the village’s local population. They tutor willing people so that they can open a kindergarten and then an elementary school to serve the welfare and progress of the communities.

Education and Textbook Development

Erfan Connaissance Foundation follows its objectives through two specific routes.

  • First develop people’s capacity as promoters, organizers, administrators, and teachers of schools that serve their communities.
  • Next, develop and adapt the contents of education courses and textbooks to the perceived needs.

During the second year of work, the foundation focused on improving the quality of teacher training, the promotion of community schools, and pedagogical follow-up of teachers and schools. Also, they tried to find out how community schools could contribute to the development of the region.

Future Prospects

The prospects of Erfan Connaissance Foundation:

  • Preparing pre-school teachers for the first and second grades in primary school.
  • Opening new schools.
  • Enabling the program through children progressively.