Support schools with your flight delay!

With EuroFlyRefund you secure the compensation to which you are entitled. Work for a fairer world and donate part of your compensation to the education of girls and women in disadvantaged countries.

Simply and unbureaucratically claim your flight compensation and donate a part for Two Wings school projects.



Enter date and flight number

Only enter the date and flight number and we will check quickly and without obligation whether you are entitled to compensation.


Examination of the claim

If there is a claim for compensation, we will take care of the necessary paperwork. You don’t have to worry about anything, because we stand up for your right!


Fast payout

If you are awarded the compensation, we will conveniently transfer it to your account. We retain only 24% plus VAT. If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay any commission.

We enforce your claim for compensation!

If your flight was delayed, cancelled or you were unable to board due to overbooking, this was annoying enough for you plus you had to deal with the consequences. The compensation to which you are entitled can only be regarded as a small make-up, but you should not do without it under any circumstances. Any compensation that is not claimed will also make airlines feel safer and more powerful towards their passengers. As a result, airlines will in future be even less accurate in meeting their flight schedules than they already are.

With EuroFlyRefund you have a partner who asserts your justified claims for you and also enforces them against all resistance on the side of the airlines. If necessary, even in court – and at no extra cost! With us you receive a compensation payment of up to 600€ without effort and paperwork! All you have to do is enter your flight number and flight date in our online compensation checker. This way you can find out whether you have a claim free of charge in just a few moments. We take care of everything else for you! At least now you save your precious time. Our travel law experts are also happy to answer any other questions you may have on flight and compensation issues.


Your donation & your commitment is valuable!