Social Enterprise Program: Rural China

educational work

Foundation of local social projects – Curriculum for sustainable agriculture

Comprehensive solutions

The primary objective of the Social Enterprise Program is to improve social and economic development. The SEP supports people in their efforts to establish social projects in their communities and creates the conditions for this. In workshops, the needs and problems of the region are jointly analysed and the possibilities for solving them discussed. In addition, women are supported in their efforts to offer literacy courses. Issues of problem solving and effective cooperation will be addressed as well as administrative matters necessary for the operation of social projects. In addition, scientific and technical skills are taught and access to technical know-how is made possible.

Rapid progress

The relatively rapid development progress in the region was due to the fact that the participants in the new project groups passed on their knowledge to their environment and cooperation with other project groups was intensified. The rapid and above all visible progress motivated the population to improve their level of knowledge and to form new project groups.

specialization in subareas

Subsequently, the SEP specialised in a few areas which are essential for a large group of the population. A new project, the Environmental Action Program, was launched. Here there are two groups of participants, the rural population, mainly women, and those who are trained as trainers. 168 women participated in the agricultural courses last year.


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