Erfan-Connaissance: Kongo

A pilot project with new innovative approaches

The Erfan-Connaissance Foundation was founded in May 2008.
The Foundation’s headquarters are located in Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the grounds of the Ecole Internationale Enfants du Monde.
The aim of the Foundation is to promote education through village schools that serve the welfare and progress of the communities.

Training and Textbook Development
The specific objectives of the Foundation are, among others:

To train people as promoters/organisers, administrators and teachers of schools serving their communities.
To develop and adapt the contents of training courses and textbooks to the perceived needs.

The Erfan-Connaissance Foundation has finished its second year of work. During this second year, Erfan focused on improving the quality of teacher training, pedagogical follow-up of teachers and schools, and the promotion of community schools.
The Foundation also tried to find out how community schools could contribute to the development of the region.

Future Prospects
Future prospects include:

  • to train pre-school teachers and first and second grade teachers in primary school.
  • Open at least five new schools in 2010.
  • 600 children to enable the program


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