Aladdin’s miracle lamp: Iraq

Aladdin's miracle lamp

“Aladdin’s Miracle Lamp” is a relief project dedicated to children with cancer in Basra in southern Iraq. For years these children have died an unspectacular, silent and painful death. None of the children was able to survive, while in Central Europe up to 90% of children with leukemia can be cured. In 1990, fifteen children in the Basra region were diagnosed with leukaemia; in 2002, 192 children were diagnosed. The medical project is managed by Dr. Eva-Maria Hobiger, radiotherapy specialist, who received the Two Wings Award in 2002.

Childhood cancer ward Ibn Ghazwan

The support of the children’s cancer ward of the Ibn Ghazwan mother-child hospital in Basra is possible through the project “Aladdin’s miracle lamp”. The children’s ward was expanded and the supply of medicines was ensured. The mortality rate of children suffering from leukaemia was reduced from 100% to 40% within one year. About 1500 children suffering from the tropical disease “Kala Azar” could be cured in 2003.

therapies for Iraqi children in Austria

Some children for whom there was currently no possibility of therapy in Iraq could be brought to Austria for treatment.

Training stays for Iraqi doctors

Iraqi medical specialists were able to make up for their lack of knowledge, which had arisen due to the isolation from medical progress as a result of the sanctions, in two- to three-month training stays in Austrian hospitals.


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