TwoWings supports projects worldwide which inspire people to take their lives into their own hands and to commit themselves with their newly acquired skills to the progress of their families, village communities and regions. This is only possible with your support! With your donations you support projects, Here you can donate directly and safely online.


The Ministry of Finance has recognized TwoWings as a humanitarian organization. Donations are therefore tax deductible.

The registration number at the tax office is SO 1492.

The criteria for settleability:

  • Since 1. As of January 1, 2017, anyone who is resident in Austria, has donated to a domestic donated organization and would like to deduct the donation from tax can make this donation valid no longer even in the tax return . The donation organizations are obligated to transmit the data themselves to the tax office. The donated amount is automatically taken over and taken into account in the tax assessment.

  • The prerequisite for automatic data exchange is that the donor announces his/her Prinename and surname as well as Birth date to the donation organisation. The data must be unconditionally correct. In particular, the spelling of the name must match that in the Central Register of Residents.

  • If you live outside Austria, you should apply for a donation receipt and submit it to the tax office.

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