Social Enterprise Program
Rural China

Holistic Solutions

The primary objective of the Social Enterprise Program (SEP) is to improve social and economic development. The SEP supports people in their efforts to take action in social programs of local communities and creates positive changes in conditions. In workshops, the needs and issues of the region are jointly analyzed and the possibilities for solving them are discussed. Besides, women are supported in their efforts to offer literacy courses. Issues of problem-solving and effective cooperation will be addressed as well as administrative matters necessary for the operation of social programs. Also, scientific and technical skills are taught and access to technical know-how is made possible.

Rapid Progress

As a result, development progressed quickly in the region. This circumstance is due to the participation of what has been learned. The participants share their knowledge and cooperate with other program groups. This creates a lively exchange. The rapid and, above all, visible progress motivated the population to improve their knowledge and form new program groups.

Opportunities for Women

In addition, the SEP specialized its activities, that are essential for a large group of the population. A new program, the “Environmental Action Program”, focuses particularly on the situation of the female rural population. On the one hand, women are trained to farm independently. On the other hand, women are trained as tutors to pass on the knowledge they have acquired. Around 170 women take part in the agricultural courses every year.  

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