The 1 € donation

Through the introduction of the 1-Euro donation, Austrian hotels have made valuable contributions to enable materially disadvantaged people in countries such as India, Colombia, Zambia and Papua New Guinea to receive an education – for example through the establishment of village schools and the training of teachers and pupils.

Three steps through training to shape the future:

  1. Book one Euro per room as a donation for Two Wings.
  2. On the day of departure, ask the guest to agree to the 1 Euro donation for the education of the women and children.
  3. Transfer the donated amount once a quarter to Two Wings.

Experience values of the hotels, which help with their 1-Euro donation energetically:
In general, the €1 donation is nothing unusual for guests checking out in hotels. Our Austrian partner hotels confirm: The 1-Euro donation and thus the social commitment of the hotel also met with a positive response from the guests!

Download: Download this information and the template for a display at the reception.

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