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Award for humanitarianism and commitment

Every year, the Two Wings Award is being presented by Two Wings to a personality who has been involved unremittingly in development cooperation. The aim of the presentation of the award is to draw the attention of the public to the commitment and the projects of the award winners as well as to point out how single initiatives can contribute to the improvement of living conditions. The expenses for the event are to the most part borne by sponsors and voluntarily performing artists. The bronze figure was designed by the sculptor Martin Müller.

Award 2008 in Berlin

Every year, the TwoWings Network nominates an outstanding personality who advocates the improvement of the quality of life in developing countries. This year, the Award was presented for the eleventh time.  
Inspiring award 
2nd November in Berlin. This award gives wings to the good cause: This year’s TwoWings Award was presented to the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Yunus. 
Professor Yunus - also called banker of the poor - was awarded for his untiring commitment in the struggle against poverty through the allocation of micro-credits to women. Millions of paupers have already become entrepreneurs by this. 
The presentation of the award took place during the Vision Summits “Social business – just try it” in the presence of approximately 900 people from the fields of economy, NGO and politics in the Freie Universität Berlin. 
Professor Yunus thanked TwoWings, being visibly moved: “It is a great joy to receive the TwoWings Award. Since its ideals correspond exactly to the ones I advocate as well. In former times, no one believed that man could fly. This Award inspires me and my colleagues to be continuously committed to the betterment of the world.” 
Among those present were among others Dr. Hans Dietrich Genscher, retired Federal Foreign Secretary, Dr. Franz Alt, bestseller author of specialized books, Martin Krüger, Austrian envoy, Andreas Fellner, Partner Bank.

Award 2008 in Vienna

Inspiring event 
1st December, Vienna. This award gives wings to the good cause: This year’s TwoWings Award was presented to Mrs. Mariam Notten, a graduate sociologist. The company Miele offered a generous donation to Mrs. Notten in support of the school project of the prizewinner on the occasion of the Award presentation. 
The awardee was born in Kabul, lives in Berlin since more than 30 years and has already been designated as the “heroine of everyday life” in 2007 in Germany. Now Mariam Notten was presented with the golden TwoWings Award in the Palais Eschenbach in Vienna in the presence of 120 guests. For her commitment and her relief projects in her home country Afghanistan.  
Concrete help... 1967 the prizewinner came to Berlin as a nurse, then she completed a study of sociology. “Someday, I was weary of talking ...”, is one of the quotations of Mariam Notten in view of the eventful history of her country. In accordance with her temperament, she decided to organize concrete help from Germany. In the meantime, two schools have been opened under the project name NIMROZ, in which 1500 youth are being trained. In addition, libraries around Kabul are being supplied with rare books and a mobile library has also been organized. 
...for a heavily traumatized country. “Education and knowledge are the keys for the youth of Afghanistan to maybe once have a better future”, the TwoWings prizewinner formulated her incentive, despite a desperate situation in her country. The situation becomes worse virtually daily, the people are heavily traumatized after 30 years of war and it will take generations to come to terms with the past. “We are not born for war but for peace”, she said in her moving acceptance speech. 
The guests. At the 11. TwoWings Award presentation, President Dr. Gerhard Schweter could welcome the following guests: The actors Mijou Kovacs and Adi Hirschal, paintress Maria Lahr, Dr. Edith Schlaffer (“Frauen ohne Grenzen”), Partner Bank AG Executive Mag. Bernhard Woldan (patron of the event), Dr. Horst Oberndorfer (Directorate Partner Bank AG), Dr. Faramarz Ettehadieh (Chairman Imperial Finanzgruppe), Hans Harrer (Senate of the Economy, Vienna), Dr. Sarvenas Enayati (Managing Director TwoWings Network) as well as Miele general manager Wolfgang Bell, who came to hand over a donation of 5000 Euro to prizewinner Mariam Notten in support of her projects.