Report on voluntary work from the Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs

Datum: 10.02.2010

The Federal Ministry for Labor, Social Affairs and Consumerism in cooperation with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Nonprofit Research at the Vienna University of Economics (NPO-Institute) published the first report on voluntary work including voluntary and accordingly honorary commitment in Austria. Approximately 45 percent of the Austrians are active voluntarily and gratuitously in organizations and associations or in neighborly help. With TwoWings, many competent and committed people are also active on a voluntary basis. 

With this “1. Report on voluntary commitment in Austria”, a scientific basis for our politics on voluntary work has been created which has also become an important policy on the European level since the UN International Year of the Volunteer in 2001. After the resolution of the European Parliament in 2008, acknowledging “voluntary activity as contribution to the economic and social cohesion”, the European Commission has just decided to announce the year 2011 as the “European Year of Volunteering”.