TwoWings visits a development project in South America on site

Datum: 7.10.2010

A project with future potential

The founding couple Bahia and Faramarz Ettehadieh traveled to South America in August at their own expense to one of the development projects supported by TwoWings by the name of Fundaec. 
A project with future potential. Fundaec was commended by Professor Ernst Ulrich of Weizsäcker as one of the “best pedagogic projects” and is a world-wide EXPO 2000 project. The basic prerequisite is the conviction that the human being is itself the key to the way out of its hopelessness. Fundaec has more than 30 years of experience in the education of young people in rural environments. More than 30.000 children and youth of the rural population were enabled to catch up their graduation from school. 

Prospects. „Fundaec is characterized by the fact that it inspires the people concerned through education and enables them to take care of their own life and to commit themselves to the advancement and welfare of their families and villages. It was impressive to see, how motivated the children and youth study”, according to the couple Ettehadieh.