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TwoWings supports projects that enable people world-wide to take care of their life themselves through education. This is only possible through your support! With your donations, you support projects that inspire human being to take care of their life themselves and engage themselves with their newly-acquired abilities for the advancement of their families, village communities and regions. Here you can donate directly and safely online.

You have the possibility of donating per credit card (MasterCard, Visa). 
Further possibilities for donating (PayPal, ELA etc.) will be added shortly. 

Online donations via this Website are safe! 
The complete donating process is carried out using an encoded SSL-circuit. Our Website is accredited through By this your donations on our website are as safe as Online-Banking. 
If you do not want to donate online, you can also donate to TwoWings by bank transfer. You can find our donation account on the top right hand side. 

TwoWings acknowledged as humanitarian organization

The Ministry of Finance has acknowledged TwoWings as humanitarian organization. 
Donations are therefore tax deductible. The registration number at the tax authorities is SO 1492. 
Deductible from tax in Austria are donations made by individuals (financial donations up to 10 percent of your last year's annual income) and donations made by businesses (donations in kind and financial donations up to 10 percent of the annual profit). In Italy and Hungary, it is possible to dedicate a percentage of one’s own paid income tax to a recognized organization and this percentage of the tax will be transferred to the organization. We are checking to what extent this can be applied across national boundaries.  
The registration on the list of the favored recipients of donations of the Austrian Ministry of Finance has taken place. 

TwoWings donations account

TwoWings Private Foundation
Account number: 10065001 
Partner Bank AG, Bank Code 19170
IBAN: AT071917000010065001

Germany: TwoWings Private Foundation
Account number: 33008809
Postbank München, Bank Code 70010080
IBAN: DE43700100800033008809
Do you have questions concerning donations?

In our Donations FAQ we have compiled the most frequent questions and answers concerning donations for you.

We would be happy to assist you regarding any questions concerning donations personally as well.  
Please simply send us an E-mail:

Thank you for helping with your donations!