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Presentation of the Award 2007

Every year the TwoWings network nominates an outstanding personality that is engaged in the improvement of the quality of life in developing countries. This year, the Award was presented for the tenth time.  
In the presence of 200 guests the distinctive sculpture with the symbolic TwoWings was presented to the doctor Dr. Elisabeth Kreuz on 22nd of November in the Palais Eschenbach.

Elisabeth Kreuz has learnt her “social trade” entirely from MOTHER TERESA in Calcutta where she could gain formative experiences with the charismatic Mother as a young student. As consequence, Elisabeth Kreuz has given up her occupation as doctor in order to be able to dedicate herself completely to establishing the “Indienhilfe e.V.”. 
This exceptional commitment was now recognized with the presentation of the TwoWings Award. TwoWings President Dr. Gerhard Schweter in his opening speech referred to the Dr. Kreuz’ readiness to make sacrifices as well as to her abilities as Social Entrepreneur. The emissary from the German Embassy, Hartmut Krausser, also confirmed this. Authoress Susanne Schaup in her eulogy reported on the development of the network of humanity. Among the guests were Partner Bank chairperson Dr. Fritz, Michael Erb, Paintress Maria Lahr, opera singer Joseph Garcia, couturir Pierrre Ira, sculptor Martin Müller.

Presentation of the Award 2006

This year the Award was presented for the ninth time. In the presence of 200 guests the distinctive sculpture with the symbolic TwoWings was presented to the authoress Nasrin Siege on 13th of November in the Palais Eschenbach. Dr. Schneppen, former German ambassador in Tanzania, who is very familiar with the activities of the laureate, offered a moving laudation. The actors Mijou Kovacs and Adi Hirschal read some of the African fairytales by the authoress and provided insights for the audience into the African culture.  
Impressive commitment.  TwoWings president Dr. Schweter explained to the 200 guests why the TwoWings Board of Trustees chose the socially engaged authoress and qualified psychotherapist this year: “We were impressed by her engagement for the street children in Tanzania, her collection of African fairytales as well as her current book-project in Madagascar where the laureate lives”.

Presentation of the Award 2005

In 2005 the Award was presented for the eighth time. Dr. Jane Goodall, the award winner, joins a number of important names, people who have moved much to the better through their merits and their commitment. The famous primatologist and scientist, was honoured above all for her projects “Roots & Shoots” and “TACARE”. 
“TACARE” is a committed education project for women and youth in Tanzania. “Roots & Shoots” is the nature and environment movement of Jane Goodall founded - originally for children and youth – in 1991. Dr. Gerhard Schweter, President of the TwoWings Network could welcome more than 200 guests to the ceremonial act full of atmosphere in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. After the speeches of Great Britain’s Ambassador John McGregor and Dr. Bernd Lötsch (Museum Director) as well as a reading by Mijou Kovacs, cosmopolitan and musician Hubert von Goisern described how he got to know and appreciate Jane Goodall  - by the way in a snow storm in Goisern. The climax of the evening was surely the “duet” of Jane Goodall and Hubert of Goisern with chimpanzee sounds.

Presentation of the Award 2005

On 25th of April 2005 the first TwoWings ProSocial Award was being presented for Upper Austria. The ProSocial Award was initiated by TwoWings in order to acknowledge civilian-social commitment on a regional level in Austria as well as offering a contribution to the advancement of voluntary service. Laureates of the first regional award were the twin brothers Josef and Carlo Brandstätter (58), who show forth particular social commitment on different continents in each case. Josef Brandstätter, retired teacher, works for the "Drehscheibe Kind" on an honorary basis in his place of residence Steyr. Carlo, graduate lawyer, lives in Berlin and commits himself to the association “Street children in Ecuador” which he founded.  

The ProSocial O.Ö. Award was presented by Dr. Gerhard Schweter, TwoWings Network President, in the presence of 100 invited guests. The university professor of the institute for politics and development research in Linz, Dr. Klaus Zapotoczky, emphasized in his speech the indispensable significance of civilian-social commitment for society.

Presentation of the Award 2004

On the 18th of October the presentation of the seventh TwoWings Award was celebrated in the Palais Eschenbach in Vienna. The award winner, Mrs. Dr. Barbara Nath-Wiser, immigrated to India in 1978 as a qualified doctor. She is the founder and head (1998) of the NISHTA-Centre for the population of the Kangra valley in the North-Indian state Himachal Pradesh. Besides conventional treatments, this health-centre also offers homeopathy, acupuncture and Ayurveda, in order to take care of the patients adequately and economically (daily up to 50!). The initiative and the heroic engagement of Mrs. Dr. Nath-Wiser have beneficial effects on the whole region. The ceremony was opened by His Excellency Dr. Sheel Gant Sherma, ambassador of India.

Presentation of the Award 2003

Waris Dirie, authoress of the best-seller "Desert Flower”, was radiant on 13th of October 2003 in the Theatre Hotel Vienna: she received the TwoWings Award 2003 for her unfailing commitment for women in Africa. Over 120 guests attended the award presentation. The musicians Waterloo and Robinson dedicated their "Africa Song” to Waris Dirie who spontaneously joined them on stage and sang along. A further highlight this evening was the reading from the book "Desert Flower” by the actress Mijou Kovacs.   

Presentation of the Award 2002

On 25th of September 2002 the fifth TwoWings Award was given to Dr. Eva-Maria Hobiger. The doctor specialised in cancer therapy has accomplished enormous work concerning the medical care of the war victims in Bosnia. At present she is rendering inestimable help for children suffering from cancer in Basra (Iraq) with the aim of giving the poorest of the poor a chance to survive. All her actions are based on her own initiative.
The TwoWings Award Ceremony took place in the hotel Sacher in Salzburg. Dr. Franz Schausberger, head of the provincial government, opened the ceremony and welcomed the guests. The program was presented by multi-talent, world star and citizen of the world - Sir Peter Ustinov.
The musical setting was given by Bernd Weikl, a singer specialised in chamber music, by the actress Mijou Kovacs and the pianist Ekaterina Doubkova. Elisabeth Guertler, the lady of the house - also a member of the TwoWings Board of Trustees – invited the guests to cocktails.

Presentation of the Award 2001

On 6th of December 2001 the renowned TwoWings Award was given to the campaign "Rumanian Street Children" organized by Father Georg SPORSCHILL. The actual prize-winner is social worker Ruth ZENKERT who has built this relief organization in Rumania and is the head thereof.
Ruth ZENKERT is also being called the "good angel of Bucharest”. Due to her work countless neglected children have experienced hope, love and affection again. Lives of many children have been saved. At present more than 500 children and youth are being looked after in children homes to consequently enable them a normal life. Unfortunately, Mrs. ZENKERT was not able to be present personally. She was represented by Mrs. Katharina SPARTALIS. In his laudation the president of TwoWings, Mr. Gerhard Schweter, acknowledged the outstanding services of Ruth ZENKERT and further referred to the general worldwide situation. Faramarz ETTEHADIEH talked about the TwoWings Principle and the TwoWings projects. Cardinal Franz KÖNIG, who was not able to attend this event due to his state of health, had sent his moving message of greeting. Timna BRAUER together with her ensemble and her "Voices for Peace" provided a brilliant finish of the evening with moving and marvellous Jewish, Christian and Muslim songs.  

Presentation of the Award 2000

The TWOWINGS Award Ceremony took place on Monday, 8th of November 2000, in the Julius Raab Hall of the Federal Chamber of Commerce in Vienna. The speaker of the evening was prelate Prof. Dr. Joachim Angerer.
The Award winner, Prof. Dr. Maria Hengstberger, has perfectly fulfilled the TwoWings criteria. Prof. Dr. Hengstberger has through her exemplary personal entrepreneurial initiative called into being a remarkable series of development projects for women in Africa and India. These projects mainly concentrate on medical care, hygiene, sex education and birth control. Her project "Operation RAIN” has already become a trademark.

Presentation of the Award 1999

The prize-winner was the well known actor Karlheinz BOEHM who is highly appreciated for his tireless commitment in the organisation PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE in Ethiopia. "Our economy has to realise that without the co-operation with Africa and its almost one billion people, we cannot exist”, said BOEHM. He made an appeal to the West to increase its help for Africa. With the words, "help to self-help” he stressed his appeal and with this philosophy described the TwoWings concept.
KARLHEINZ BOEHM is the prototype of a world citizen and a moral and an irreproachable authority in the field of non-profit organisations. "This prize is an award for the lifework and the example given by Mr. BOEHM”, emphasized the President of TWOWINGS, Dr. Gerhard Schweter.

Presentation of the Award 1998

The TwoWings Board of Trustees selected Dr. Claudia THALHAMMER-KOCH, founder and director of the BUSINESS women CENTER with offices in Vienna and Graz, as the first winner of the TWOWINGS Award. The BUSINESS women CENTER is an association providing help to self-help to women, who are on their way to independence, through consultation, workshops and seminars. Through her tireless personal engagement, Dr. THALHAMMER-KOCH has enabled many women to create a foundation for their own livelihood. The ceremony was opened by the President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, KR Ing. Leopold MADERTHANER. Dr. Gerhard Schweter, President of the TWOWINGS Network welcomed the guests and held the laudation. Then Dr. Faramarz Ettehadieh, initiator of the TwoWings concept, and the award winner Dr. Thalhammer-Koch gave speeches. The world-renowned opera singer, Bernd WEIKL, honorary member of the Viennese State Opera, closed the ceremony by a presentation called "the art is feminine”.