“Aladdin's Magic Lamp” is a project especially for the cancer-stricken children in Basra in Southern Iraq. These children have for years died an unspectacular, quiet and painful death. None of the children were able to survive, while in Central Europe up to 90% of children with leukaemia can be cured. In 1990 fifteen children in the region of Basra fell ill with leukaemia; in 2002 there were 192 children. The medical project management is conducted by Dr. Eva-Maria Hobiger, specialist for radiation therapy, who received the Two Wings Award in 2002.

Children’s Cancer Ward Ibn Ghazwa
The support of the cancer ward for children at the Ibn Ghazwa Mother-Child Hospital is possible through the project “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp”. The expansion of the children’s ward could be continued and the continuing supply of medications has been guaranteed.  The mortality rate of the leukaemia-stricken children could be reduced from 100% to 40% within this year. About 1500 children, who suffered from the tropical illness “Kala Azar”, could be cured in 2003.

Therapies for Iraqi children in Austria
Some children that could not be treated in Iraq at present were brought to Austria for treatment.

Training for Iraqi doctors
Iraqi medical specialists were given the opportunity during two- to three-month training courses in Austrian hospitals to rebalance the deficiency of knowledge, which resulted from being isolated from the advances in medicine by the sanctions.