1980 - 1995
After trips to more than 70 countries and regions, where tourists usually don’t go, Bahia and Dr. Faramarz Ettehadieh were able to gather impressions on the spot that affected them deeply. The smothering poverty, lacking education, lack of hygiene and particularly the suppression of women activated both of them. They were inspired by the quote: "Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom."  
Establishment of the TwoWings network, association for development projects as nonpartisan, nondenominational, non-profit-oriented association according to the Austrian Law of association was established. A Board of Trustees of well-known individuals interested in education and development was convened. New development strategies based on reciprocity and local initiatives are trendsetting. The concept of reciprocity was defined in North-South-contracts of the two hemispheres, the „Magna Charta” of development-cooperation. 

A strong basis for the implementation of the TwoWings concept was laid. The basis for the association was extended, the network consolidated, concrete development projects were selected and possibilities of donating the dividends from the shares for development projects was agreed upon in a contract with the Partner Bank AG. Many investors donated their dividends. These donations were transferred to 3 training projects: the Masethla Institute in Zambia, Barli in India and to Fundaec in Colombia.   

The final breakthrough in the economic and social life of Austria has succeeded. With the publication of a TwoWings book, the concept of the initiative was phrased comprehensively and professionally and was documented by some notabilities of the country. The network was enlarged by 10 honorary members and the Board of Trustees by 18 members. As opposed to 1997, there was a quadruplication of the dividend donations. First TwoWings Award winner: Dr. Claudia Thalhammer-Koch.   

Further donations went to four development aid projects: Capstone (Zambia), Badi (China), Barli (India) and the Development Learning Press (DLA). The 2. TwoWings Award is given to the Böhm couple.   

2000 - 2003
TwoWings has grown notably quantitatively as well as qualitatively. 
Establishment of the TwoWings Private Foundation with the main focus on the evaluation and support of development projects. Sir Peter Ustinov, cosmopolitan and actor well-known from international movies engages himself for TwoWings. Also baritone Bernd Weikl and actress Mijou Kovacs have contributed much to the promotion of the TwoWings idea. Donations in these years went to the projects Universidad Nur (Bolivia), Ruhi (Columbia), Barli, Fundaec (Columbia), Badi and ADIMH (Chad). The 3. TwoWings award was given to Prof. Dr. Maria Hengstberger. Other award winners: Ruth Zenkert (2001), Dr. Eva-Maria Hobinger (2002) and Waris Dirie (2003).   

Promoted projects were the Universidad Nur, Barli and Capstone, Unity in Diversity (Indonesia) and Aprodepit (Chad). The award winner of the 7. TwoWings Award is Dr. Barbara Nath-Wiser.   

Publication of the 32-paged magazine “TwoWings Perspektiven” for educational work and public relations at universities and for people interested in development cooperation. Aside from the conferment of the 8. TwoWings Award in the Museum for Natural History to Prof. Jane Goodall, the ProSocial Award for a private initiative in the social field in Austria is assigned. The TwoWings Homepage is revised in order to inform more comprehensively and up-to-date. A TwoWings Email Newsletter for friends and sponsors is initiated in order to accelerate educational work. Furthermore, Two Wings offers a presentation at the national AIESEC conference in Austria concerning the topic “social responsible leadership” for more than 100 students and becomes a Learning Partner for the student organisation AIESEC Austria in development matters. This collaboration consequently develops into a long-term cooperation. 
Promoted projects were CORDE (Cambodia), FUNDAEC (Colombia), Unity in Diversity (Indonesia) and the Jane Goodall Institute (Roots & Shoots in Tanzania). Numerous workshops for university students about development cooperation, among others at the University of Vienna. The awardee of the 9. TwoWings Award is the authoress Nasrin Siege. 
The following projects were promoted in this year: the Badi Foundation (China), Barli (India), Adhieh Foundation (Central African Republic) and the Indienhilfe e.V. Numerous Workshops for university students about development cooperation. The 10. TwoWings Award was given to Dr. Elizabeth Kreuz. 
Promoted projects this year are the Badi Foundation (China), FUNDAEC (Colombia), Rays of Light (Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands), Mongolian Development Centre (MDC – Mongolia) and the Foundation Erfan Connaissance (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Numerous Workshops for university students about development cooperation take place. The 11. TwoWings Award this year is presented to two outstanding personalities - once in Vienna and once in Berlin. In Vienna, the Award is given to graduate sociologist Mrs. Mariam Notten. In Berlin, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Yunus receives the TwoWings Award in the course of the Vision Summits in the University of Berlin. 
The new magazine “TwoWings – Mit Ausbildung Zukunft Stiften” is developed to promote the educational work more vigorously and to introduce the projects. The Internet presence is revised and a modern Content-Management-System is installed. Furthermore, workshops on development cooperation are organized for students and the cooperation with AIESAEC is continued, so that students are informed about the newest progress concerning development work and their interest is advanced in this area. TwoWings is joint organizer of the Vision Summits Berlin 2009.